Being a busy artist/dad with a day job makes taking my equipment to a shop almost impossible. Having Gene make a house call to solve stereo problems is a miracle!

Thanks for making the mayor's house sound so much better.

Gene's a rare breed in this field because he's so honest! The kind of guy you could trust to do a house call for your elderly mother.

When it comes to stereo repair, Gene is like an old country craftsman; caring and taking time to do it right.

Gene Gerrior's service has always been first rate. Promptness, clear attention to detail and fairness have been the hallmark of his business ethics.

Gene's honest and knows his stuff. Give him a try.

Your stereo needs three things: Good speakers, good music and Gene! I couldn't do it without him.

I've known and dealt with Gene for over 15 years. He is the only consistently excellent repairman I have ever dealt with.

I have personally known Gene for more than ten years and can say from my experience that he is knowledgeable and honest in his repair of all manner of audio equipment. I have referenced his service to dozens of my customers and have only heard positive comments afterwards.

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