Gene turned out to be one of the most capable and courteous servicemen that has been in our apartment for years. Once in a while one has the chance to put in a good word, and I feel that it is very well deserved.

Rainbow Grocery Co-op has used the services of Gene Gerrior for many years on our in-store sound system. He has always been very reliable and done excellent work. I have also used his services at my own home for my own stereo system and have been very satisfied with his work. He gets the work done quickly and at a fair price. Thanks Gene for keeping my stereo working for all these years.

I've used Gene's Sound Service for 15 years and have highly recommended him to all my friends.

Dear Gene,
I just wanted to drop a line to let you know just how wonderful it is to have my stereo back and in perfect working order! I was simply delighted with the meticulous care you took in the repairing and cleaning of the turntable, speakers, and headphone outlet. Plus, I appreciated the fact that while serviceing these parts, you took the interest in explaining to me exactly what you were doing. Also, a special thanks for reminding me how to replace the needle in the turntable arm. Just to think that less than a month ago, I thought that my dinosaur stereo was a "goner" after being out of commission for more than a decade - And now Gene, after you brought my stereo back to life, I am enjoying listening to my LP's that I thought I would never hear again! I definitely recommend Gene's Sound Service!

I am glad that Gene's Sound Service repaired my home stereo system. The home visit saved me the hassle of making two trips to the repair shop, (in a town that's hard to park in). Also, the good customer service is a big plus.
Gene is pleasant, soft spoken, patient and ready to answer my technical questions. I enjoyed learning how to better take care of my equipment.